Marketing Assets

This page is intended for wholesalers, distributors and shop managers. Below are marketing assets for you to use in the promotion of The ScooP whether in your own stores, on your websites, on your social media accounts or in print. If you have any questions on what marketing assets you can use or how you may modify them please download and review our Branding Guideline first which provides all product key points and descriptions as well as information on how to use graphics. For additional questions feel free to contact us.


We have our Logo available for download in various formats you may need to enhance your marketing efforts of The ScooP

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Product Highlights

No More Sticky Fingers! The perfect scoop everytime. The ScooP is a multifunctional tool to scrape, scoop and tamp your herbs. It’s the cleanest and easiest way transfer your herbs.

  • The ScooP measures a 1/4 teaspoon for all your smoking needs.
  • Use the handle as a scraper, your grinder will thank you.
  • Use the back of The ScooP to tamp.

Product Description

The ScooP is a multifunctional tool designed and manufactured in America to make transferring your herbs cleaner and easier. No more sticky fingers!™ The ScooP keeps your fingers clean. Scrape together your freshly ground herbs or pollen from your grinder. Scoop ¼ teaspoon portion of herbs for the perfect scoop everytime. Tamp it down to ensure it is evenly packed..

Product Images

Below are product images pre-formatted for use on e-commerce sites. We have 1:1 (square) images and 2:3 (wide) images for use. To easily download all images, click the link for a .zip file.

The ScooP Product Photography – 1×1 Square Aspect – Hi Res


Social Media Content

Below are images that have been pre-formatted for use on Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have put together images with phrases and logos already on them and also images with empty space for you to put your own phrases or logos on. For more information on social media content and sharing concerning The ScooP please download our Branding Guideline above.

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